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Specialised Plant Nutrition Plant Nutrition

InteliGro focuses on specialised plant nutrition solutions supported by a team of experienced Plant Nutrition Specialists.

The plant nutrition programmes and products developed in combination with Intelifert and well-known fertiliser suppliers are backed by innovative scientific research with the aim to improve plant health and enhance crop yield and conditioning of soil using innovative bio-stimulants, plant nutrition products and specialised fertilisers.

It is our vision to improve food safety, increase yield quantity and quality and to ensure sustainable farming without neglecting the environment.

The Principles of Carbology®
Carbology® refers to the methodology of optimising plant carbohydrate management in fruit trees with high production capacity to minimise alternative bearing and ensuring the production of high-quality marketable fruit. Carbology® is not a quick fix general programme, but incorporates multi horticultural disciplines into a year management tool to ensure year on year sustainable production and tree quality.
The Carbology® programme focusses on the specific phenological growth stages of the tree/plant and the activation and/or manipulation of the phenological stages with the use of specific bio-stimulants and nutrients combined in a programme. Depending on the climatic influences and orchard management, this programme will be amended and managed during the season to ensure optimal fruit load and quality at harvest. The aim is to ensure the maximum available carbohydrate availability throughout the plant’s life cycle.
The success of InteliGro`s Carbology® technology lies in the knowledge and service how to integrate plant physiology, soil health, water management, plant nutrition and bio-stimulants to optimise crop yield and crop quality.


Bio-stimulants are products of diverse origins (humic substances, seaweed or plant extracts, protein hydrolysates, amino acids, polysaccharides and inorganic compounds). Bio-stimulants act on the physiology of the plant in different ways to enhance the vigour of the crop, the yield and the quality of the harvest.

InteliGro has a wide range of these product as part of its InteliBio Solution approach. To name a few: Fitamin 24 is a plant growth promoter containing L - Amino Acids produced by Bioiberica in Spain, using an exclusive method of enzymatic hydrolysis. The soil application of StresSal was shown to reduce the osmotic potential thus helping the plant to tolerate salt stress better. Goëmar BM Plus and Calibra Carbo are Ascophyllum nodosum based products which act as plant physiological activators of fruit setting and plant growth. It activates the trees’ nutrition uptake and distribution in the plant and flowering promoters. It optimises fruit setting and gives better contribution to the fruitlets.

Specialised Granular Fertilisers

CRF nutrition or otherwise known as controlled release fertilisers entails the concept where high quality fertilisers are coated with special technology that enables the nutrients to be released over specific periods to co-inside with the plant’s nutritional requirements. InteliGro make use of the Multicote range of CRF products which are manufactured by Haifa, a world leader in CRF technology.

Water Soluble Fertilisers

InteliGro has their own unique water-soluble fertiliser brand called Qula. High-quality and fully soluble fertilisers. Excellent for fertigation, hydroponics and foliar nutrition. Chelplex is an ultra-fine powder amino gluconate complex mineral foliar nutrition range. The Chelplex product range consist of single element formulations and mixed nutrient formulations to accommodate specific crops.

Liquid Foliar Fertlisers

Liquid foliar products include, suspension concentrates (Quatro range) and sugar amino acid complexed products (Carbology and AG range).

Soil Amendments

Products includes flowable gypsum and calcium, chicken manure pellets, nitrification inhibitors, humic and fulvic acids, soil bio fertilisers (bacteria and fungi). The Carbology® programme is based on the synergistic effect of all the products and bio-stimulants working together and not based on the effect of only one product.

The Carbology® programme is based on the synergistic effect of all the products and bio-stimulants working together and not based on the effect of only one product.
Plant growth is influenced by the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil and InteliGro take each of these components in account when doing a recommendation. Plant nutrition recommendation based on soil and leaf samples are backed by our InteliBio Solutions approach.
All our products and Crop Solution Specialists are supported by a team of experienced and graduated scientist.
Rian Briedenhann (Manager: InteliFert)
Duane de Swardt (Manager: Plant Nutrition Technical)
Nerine Koch (Alternative crops)
Jan van Zyl (Vegetables)
Thinus Smuts (Citrus)
Lionel van Schalkwyk (Table Grapes and Deciduous fruit)
Schalk Lombaard (Subtropical)
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  • Integrated crop protection and specialised plant nutrition
  • Bio-rational offering with food safety focus
  • High quality seed and seed care expertise
  • Dedicated in-house product development and formulation
  • Independent and impartial agricultural consulting services
  • Innovative supportive technology
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With our head office situated in Stellenbosch and regional head offices in Wellington, Viljoenskroon, Germiston and Krugersdorp, the Group is a leader in the South African agricultural industry.

We are committed to continuously offer specialist products and services encompassing a holistic set of solutions for crop production.
We have developed a unique and differentiated portfolio of crop solutions through our complementary businesses.

The InteliChem Group is closely aligned with various multi-national research-based suppliers as well as leading local off-patent suppliers, and through our comprehensive distribution channels, widespread market coverage is offered to our supplier base.

Our broad supplier base ensures that new technology is accessible to the Group as part of our offering to our customers.

OUR GROUP VISION: Solutions for sustainable crop production
OUR MISSION: To be the trusted business partner to growers by providing intelligent crop solutions

Our deep routed principles that define our core values can be summarised as follows:

  • Integrity – to always maintain the highest levels of honesty and transparency
  • Inclusive – to include people from different backgrounds in our business and the opportunities it present
  • Excellence – to strive for the best in:
    • Results – average is simply not good enough
    • Innovation – always exploring new ideas, technology and processes
    • Consistency – maintaining a high level of service and expected outcome
  • Relationships with all stakeholders marked by:
    • Respect
    • Trust
    • Collaboration
  • Fun – we want to enjoy what we are doing

The only bottom line that most companies care about is profits.

However, we firmly believe business should be

  • a force for good and
  • benefit more than its shareholders.

So, as well as being profitable, our mission is also to benefit:

  • the environment and
  • the communities in which we operate.

Together they are known as "People, Planet and Profits". We consider ourselves as a positive contributor on all three counts.