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Integrated Pest management can be defined according to the following definition that is described by the USDA:

Agricultural Research Service
"Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks."

This is exactly the approach that InteliGro follows to help growers with long-term sustainable crop solutions.

The IPM approach is built on three main areas of expertise with specific underlying areas:

  1. It begins with a good knowledge of the specific crop involved and the challenges, plant physiology, plant biological and production aspects important to the crop.
    This also include an understanding of the specific cultivars, seed varieties, rootstocks, and its specific susceptibility to certain pests.
  2. In addition to the crop knowledge, the knowledge of the pests (weeds, insects, diseases, nematodes) and the potential economic impact is an important focus area.
    This also includes monitoring techniques and assisting growers with monitoring practices. With the right monitoring information, better decisions can be made with regards to if action needs to be taken and if need, what is the right solution for the specific situation.
  3. Thirdly, InteliGro has a good knowledge of the available crop protection solutions that include, chemical, biological and cultural options management options.
    InteliGro is proud to be associated with reputable crop protection suppliers that include multi-national and generic crop protection suppliers as well as dedicated biological suppliers.

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  • Integrated crop protection and specialised plant nutrition
  • Bio-rational offering with food safety focus
  • High quality seed and seed care expertise
  • Dedicated in-house product development and formulation
  • Independent and impartial agricultural consulting services
  • Innovative supportive technology
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With our head office situated in Stellenbosch and regional head offices in Wellington, Viljoenskroon, Germiston and Krugersdorp, the Group is a leader in the South African agricultural industry.

We are committed to continuously offer specialist products and services encompassing a holistic set of solutions for crop production.
We have developed a unique and differentiated portfolio of crop solutions through our complementary businesses.

The InteliChem Group is closely aligned with various multi-national research-based suppliers as well as leading local off-patent suppliers, and through our comprehensive distribution channels, widespread market coverage is offered to our supplier base.

Our broad supplier base ensures that new technology is accessible to the Group as part of our offering to our customers.

OUR GROUP VISION: Solutions for sustainable crop production
OUR MISSION: To be the trusted business partner to growers by providing intelligent crop solutions

Our deep routed principles that define our core values can be summarised as follows:

  • Integrity – to always maintain the highest levels of honesty and transparency
  • Inclusive – to include people from different backgrounds in our business and the opportunities it present
  • Excellence – to strive for the best in:
    • Results – average is simply not good enough
    • Innovation – always exploring new ideas, technology and processes
    • Consistency – maintaining a high level of service and expected outcome
  • Relationships with all stakeholders marked by:
    • Respect
    • Trust
    • Collaboration
  • Fun – we want to enjoy what we are doing

The only bottom line that most companies care about is profits.

However, we firmly believe business should be

  • a force for good and
  • benefit more than its shareholders.

So, as well as being profitable, our mission is also to benefit:

  • the environment and
  • the communities in which we operate.

Together they are known as "People, Planet and Profits". We consider ourselves as a positive contributor on all three counts.